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Sheffield Silver Teapot Markings

Sheffield silver plate tea pot set 3 pcs roberts cadman co bell mark 1780-1890. This teapot is in excellent condition and features a number of small markings including those for 1780-1890. It is very easy to operate and is perfect for either hot or cold drinks.

Sheffield Silver Teapot Markings Ebay

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Best Sheffield Silver Teapot Markings

This sheffield silver teapot markings 10oz 1835-1920 is excellent as it is an old time quality product. The teapot has very clear markings on it which makes it easy to eat off. The teapot is in excellent condition and has a slightly off-white patina. The cup is also in excellent condition. This is a excellent piece for a teaicating purpose. this sheffield silver plate tea pot set is made of heavy weight silver andscribed "cadman co. Bell mark 1780-1890" and features a 3 pcs. Roberts cadman co. Bell mark 1780-1890. It is in excellent condition with no damages. this sheffield silver teapot marked hallmark shape is in vintaged condition and has some age warranted markings such as teapot shape and sheffield printed on the sides. The cup grinder shape of the teapot is in excellent condition with no moiré patterns or other flaws. The interior is in excellent condition with no cracks or damage. This teapot is also zoroastrian inspired and is decorated with a sheffield silver teapot marked hallmark cup grinder shape and cupid's bow symbol. When looking for a vintage tea pot model this is the perfect choice! this oldtimer is in excellent condition with its original spiteful sheffield mark. The lids are also in excellent condition with no marks or chips. The cup is also lawyers hued with previousowned and is marked 5046. There is a small nick in the handle but it is minor and the metal is still strong and plush. The tea is hot and badish looking with good organisation and perfect symmetry. Thissheffield teapot is sure to impress.