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Cast Iron Teapot

This cast iron teapot comes with a filter which helps to keep the tea clean and free of bacteria. It's also lightweight and easy to move around, making it perfect for on-the-go.

Teapot Turret

The tea pot turret is a great addition to any turret, it helps protect your tea pot from damage and makes it more difficult for enemies to take it down.

Cast Iron Teapots

The new teavana cast iron hobnail black kettle teapot is perfect for those who love cast iron teapots. This teapot is made from high quality, natural die-cast metal and is available in a 30oz size. It has a comfortable, stylish design and is perfect for on-the-go. this cast iron tea pot comes with a kettle stovetop teapot 800ml with filter. It is a great addition to your kitchen and can make roasted coffee or tea better than any other type of pan. The cast iron material is delicious and crispy, making it perfect for frying eggs or frying chicken. The tea can also be made in a single process with no need for multiple steps, making it faster and easier to make. this antique cast iron teapot is perfect for airing a pot of hot tea. The teapot has 24 fl oz of green dragonfly japanese cast iron teapot dynasty water carafe. The carafe is infuser with a filter to keep the tea hot. The teapot is made from teak and has a nice design. This teapot is a good value for the price you pay and is a good addition to your tea collection. this tetsubin japanese black cast iron teapot tea kettle is the perfect choice for any tea lover. It is large and has a thick wall to keep the tea hot and steeping process easy. The kettles are usually very reliable and we recommend it for any tea lover looking for a reliable and expensive option.