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Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot

This beautiful cast iron teapot is perfect for a polite tea master. It has a removeable cloth brush mark and is made from high quality materials. It is sure to impress your tea master with its beauty and performance.

Tetsubin Teapots

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Tetsubin Teapot

The new tetsubin black enameled kettle has a cast iron hobnailteapot design. It is a great kitchen tool for those who enjoy using a teapot as a serious cooking device. The enameled design gives the teapot an old school feel while the black enameled style gives it an air of luxury. This tetsubin kettle is also great for home use as it has a simple design and is easy to clean. this japanese tetsubin cast iron teapot is made of cast iron and has an enameled interior. It is a beautiful piece of art and would be a great addition to any home improvement or any other islamic home. this cast iron tetsubin teapot is a great option for transvaal kitchen use. It is made of heavy-duty metal and has a small pot rack below for storage. The teapot has a small, round handle and a large spout. this cast iron teapot has an infuser filter for adding tea to your brewed tea. The 24 fl oz size is perfect for either fresh or brewed tea. The large size can handle a larger quantity of tea. The tetsubin is made of heavy-gauge steel for a lasting fit and finish. This teapot is perfect for any tea drinking need.