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Yixing Teapot

This interesting and unique yixing zisha signed clay teapot is excellent for a modern home page or cover art purposes. This cup-shaped teapot is in excellent condition and is estimated to sell for $1,

Yixing Pottery Teapot,  TE23-31
Enameled Yixing Teapot

Enameled Yixing Teapot

By Unbranded


Yixing Teapots

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Yixing Clay Teapot

This yixing clay teapot is signed by the author, yixing zisha. It is author-protected and has a black patina. The teapot has a strong feeling of saline and muckiness to it. The dial is of low quality, but the carafe ismade in china with typical yixing (old style)~~~~ this yixing clay teapot is a great addition to any home kitchen. It is signed by the author and has a black patina. The teapot has low quality, but the carafe is still made in china. this beautiful chinese antique yixing pottery teapot is made of qing yixing ( previously known as zhuni) clay. It has a marked zhuni clay mark on the side and is in excellent condition. It is also on sale at an excellent price. this yi xing teapot is in antique chinese style and features a zisha signed bowl. The teapot is in excellent condition and has some minor use. It is would make a great addition to any yixing home setting. this yixing teapot is made from iranian made pottery and it is a quality teapot that is made to last. It has a standard teapot shape with a small hole in the center and it is made to be ice cold. The teapot has a light weight and is easy to drink from.