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Ellgreave Genuine Ironstone Teapot

This ellgreave teapot is a vintage style and features red poppies. It is made of ensure-quality wood and is 1073. It's construction makes it a great choice for any mug needs.

Ellgreave Teapot

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Antique Appraisal Ellgreave Teapot

This antique appraisal is of the ellgreave genuine ironstone teapot. This teapot is made of authentic ironstone and is a beautiful product. This teapot is a great addition to any home kitchen. this delicious ell greeave teapot is made from genuine ironstone teapot material. It has a blue flower design and is fashioned from an alloy of metal. It is a stunning piece of tea pot art that will set you apart from your peers. this is a beautiful ellgreave genuine ironstone teapot wood from england. This teapot is full of vintage style and has a beautiful gold trim. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves england and their history. this ellgreave genuine ironstone teapot has a new ironstone genuine teapot material. It is a perfect gift for a friend or family member and is sure to show they are appreciate them.