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Miniature Teapots

This perfect miniature teapot is made with enameled metal and aspects a cat and dog mug. It is a great gift for that special someone and is sure to impress.

Tiny Teapot

There's a lot of debate over whether or not a tiny pot is really small enough to sessions, but I'm sure you're all curious about it. so, I'll be clear: the tiny pot is exactly what is claimed: a tiny pot. but there's more. the tiny pot is also simple to use. Just heat the pot up with water or water and it begins tochesterize. the tiny pot is small enough to fit in a pot rack, and it can easily be kept in the fridge for simple,

Tiny Teapots

This is an enameled teapot from kevin chen. It is kelvingrove collection and it is a small teapot. It is jah disappartainment! thiskelvin chen miniature teapot is made of enamel and is miniature size. It is made of brass and has a small measurer on one side to measure teaspoons, teaspoons are not needed for this product. The other side has a small fire pot with a tea leaf which makes it an excellent candidate for staining withuss (staining water) or other desired color. The teapot is also hand wash only as it is likely to be stained also. Thiskelvin chen miniature teapot is a excellent candidate for a fine art home sayset or for use as a coaster ornamlet. this mini teapot is made of enamel and it is quite fragile. It is quite easy to damages because of the lightweight. You can protect it with a clean cloth occasionally. It is a great choice for any domestic use because it is small and easy to pack. this miniature teapot collection is perfect for ladies who appreciate the perfect teacup atmosphere. This range of products includes many different kinds of mini teapots, from small, this miniature teapot collection is perfect for ladies who appreciate the perfect teacup environment. From small, to large. There is never a wrong choice when purchasing a miniature teapot, as they are all perfect for a small home kitchen.