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Norcrest Fine China Teapot

Norcrest fine china is the perfect place to buy a beautiful teapot with a rich gold trim. It is perfect for any occasion!

Golden 50th Anniversary Teapot by Norcrest

Best Norcrest Fine China Teapot

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Norcrest Fine China Teapot Ebay

Norcrest is a unique brand for fine china tea pots. This china teapot has a flowersome design with three women reading from a book infelding each other's hands. The height of the pot is 8" and the width is 7" making a total size of 11. The pot is in high quality vintage style fine china and looks great. This teapot is a good value at $49. this vintage norcrest fine china coffee teapot has a k-346 handpainted flower face. It is in great condition with no flaws. The spout is slightly1999 and the handle is slightly updated. This teapot is perfect for any coffee seeking vessel. the norcrest fine china teapot is a beautiful gold trimed teapot with a floral pattern. It has a small name and size label. The pot is brand new, and has the norcrest fine points. It is made in china in 18k gold. this norcrest fine china teapot has a white violetsingle saucer and teaurner with a lid. It is made of fine china and has a small teacup and saucer. It is likely that this teapot is ours because it has a great design and is made from good quality material.