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Primula Teapot

This teapot has a stylish green color and is made of high-quality metal. It is perfect for any tea lover.

Primula Teapot with Infuser
primula teapot With Insert

Best Primula Teapot

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Cheap Primula Teapot

This daisy borosilicate primula teapot has a glass infuser and is 32 oz. For use with teas. The teapot has a stylish design and is made of stainless steel. This teapot is perfect for any tea needs. this is a teapot that streams primula's new tea brewing method, which is called "teapot" because the tea is brewing in a teapot. The pot is placed on the teapot pot, which is a small, round, enameled pot with a white leek flavor. The leek is perforated for airholes and the tea is then infused into the perforations with the leek. The tea is then vessels and left to steep for 30 minutes. the primula blossom glass teapot 40oz with glass infuser insert dishwasher-safe dishwasher safe is perfect for those who love glass teapots! This teapot has a beautiful blooming blue flowers, as well as a smooth perfect-fit crust. It's perfect for65o-warmer temperatures, and features a perfect fit for easycha-ching. The teapot is made of plastic-free glass, which is why it is also dishwasher-safe. the half moon teapot set includes a 4tea cups removable infuser borosilicate glass tea cup. The set contains: teapot, teapot surround, teapot plos, 4tea cups, and borosilicate glass filter. The set is perfect for any tea craving.