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Pumpkin Teapots

This pumpkin-hued table ware is a great choice for a small or large space. The black and white color scheme is easy to match any decor. The teapots are made from silicone material and are easy to clean. They make a great baby's first cup of hot chocolate, or a new year's gift for a spook-tacular home.

Pumpkin Teapot Oxford Elite 2001


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Pumpkin Teapot

Pumpkin is one of the best ingredients for a delicious and healthy meal. It is easy to find and is a great fit for with a number of different dishes. I've put together a few ideas for pumpkin teapot recipes.

Pumpkin Teapot Set

This vtg miniature bisque pumpkin teapot set is a great collectible for the kiddo's' cupboard. They'll enjoy this set because it includes two teapots, one for each handedness. The teapots are small and lightweight so they'll have to work hard to get the tea to come out clean. The two cups are also unique in that they have a different design and color than most other teapots. This set also comes with two sugar bowls and ao d'marchie's name. this is a vintage display teapot pumpkin and floral theme with stand. It is in great condition and is perfect for a xeonposal or christmas party. It is made from high quality ceramic and has a great design. this traditional veuve cliquot hand painted pumpkin tea is perfect for the colder months! The teapot jack-o-lantern is planner perfect in terms of size and looks great as a small piece of art or as a part of a home decor ambiance. Our pumpkin teapot is handcrafted from high quality materials and can last for many years. this set includes a pumpkin teapot and cup set. It is a great set for any tea party.