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Teapot Identification

Looking for an accurate teapotv. Com identification card for your chinese art book purchase? Look no further than the teapot! Our identification card is packed with features such as name, date of birth, etc. So get yours today and start your chinese art journey!

Cheap Teapot Identification

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Best Teapot Identification

This is a vintage 6. 5 blue onion blue danube style teapot. It is made in japan and is it is overall in great condition. The handle is still in good condition. This teapot is a great addition to any home kitchen. this vintage teapot has a blue onion bluedanube style handle. 5" in height. The metal is in great condition. This teapot is well worth the price of purchase. this chinese art book teapot identification and purchase for beginner is a guidebook of tea pots according to the appreciation campaign "qqq tea shop" and the growth of the tea pot industry in china. It includes information on the different tea pots and their dimensions, how to clean and maintain them, this vintage 6. 5 blue onion blue danube style teapot is made in japan and has a blue onion-style handle. It is identified by the blue onion style handle and the blue onion-dane style pot.