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This teapot has a clear glass infuser leaf which makes it easy to see from the cup. It is a steel infuser leaf teapot which is safe and easy to use. It has a 22 oz 660 ml capacity. This teapot is also easy to clean. Just remove the old infuser leaf, and replace with the clear glass one, and you are ready to go.

Amsterdam 2 Cup Teapot White

Amsterdam 2 Cup Teapot White

By Amsterdam



“it’s not about the quality of the tea, it’s about the experience of the tea. and that’s where we differ from most other tea restaurants. We take a personal interest in making sure that each and every pot of tea is made with care and love. We aim to make your cup of tea a reality. we also have a variety ofreetime restrictions, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible deal. We work closely with the tea growers and farmers who produce our tea, and, of course, we all love tea” – if you’re looking for a professional looking tea restaurant, then the teapots is the place for you! We take care in our tea making and experience, ensuring that each and every pot is made with love and with attention to detail. We also have a range of time-restricted cup restrictions, we hope you enjoy your tea experience at the teapots!

The Teapot On Wheels

The fellini la bleu glass teapot with infuser is a luxurious and delicious cup of coffee. It is sure to enough to make any cup of coffee, even the most hearty the day after. The fellini la bleu glass teapot with infuser is made of hand-blown glass and features an infuser for easy administration. It is also come with a 400-ml water bottle. This teapot on wheels is sure to come in very handy, not only because it is stylish and stylishness is key, but also because it's easy to move around. these small teapots are made with a removable infuser to keep your tea hot for longer periods of time. The glass is also dishwasher safe which is a plus for your home kitchen. The teapot is also heat resistant which is great for those summer cooking applications. this cute teapots has a infuse tea kettles and steams really well. It has a 40 oz pot that can be easily taken on and off the stove. The removable infuse tea kettles make it easy to take with you wherever you go. The steampot is safe and secure in the kettles and is perfect for toddlers or any time of day. this is a corelife tea pot set that comes with 6x double wall glass cups and an infuser. It is perfect for coffee and tequila. It is also warmer so you can keep your tea hot for longer.