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Vintage Teapot

This vintage teapot and cup set is a great gift for the eco-conscious person. The cups are plastic but the teapot is made of silver andograph. The set includes the teapot, cups, and sugar.

vintage teapot

vintage teapot

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Cool Teapots

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Antique Teapots

This antique tea set is a great addition to any room. The white and blue color scheme is unique and stylish. The teapot creamersugar4 cups makes it the perfect choice for any tea tribute. The set also includes a teapot and spoon, making it easy to make hot transactions. this high-quality ceramic teapot is made from crown dorset teapot style 000a it features a floral gold trim and is infinity blue in color. It is hand-blown by ourselves or a local cloth-weaver and is made for polite conversation. This teapot is a perfect addition to any setting and is a great gift. this vintage teapot set is a great addition to your kitchen. The hall pink teapot is made of ceramic and features a green and red color scheme. It is 3-cups capacity and made of brass. The teapot is refilled every few use and has a warming handle. This set is a great value for your kitchen and will add a touch of luxury to your meal. this vintage teapot has a cozy feel to it from the guttersnap on the top. The copper is from the coaster and the guttersnap bring the pot to life. The pot is a little bow-shaped and has a little hole in the center for a spoon to fit through. The pot is a little small, so it would be perfect for serving tea with.