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Wade Heath Teapot

This wade heath teapot is circa 1940s and is a blue piazza* design. It has a vintage feel to it with its simple design. It is a great purchase for any wade heath fan!

Wade Heath Teapot Ebay

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This wade heath chintz tea pot is made in england. It is a multi-color pot with a vtchespot design. It is made of sterling silver with a black handle. It is set with a black tea cup and saucers. this wade heath england tea pot is a vintage piece! It is from the 1940s and is a part of a set that includes a wade heath early tea pot and a wade heath oxford tea pot. This particular pot is in great condition and is perfect for any tea needs! this wade heath teapot is made in england in black enameled paint and hand-enameled. It has a enameled border and soothing blue calotte. It is about 5 inches tall with a adjustable spout. It is made for single or double cup tea. This teapot is also been filed to be hand-carved from a solid black wood top. The spout is also being file to be more comfortable to drink from. The wade heath teapot is a great addition to any tea set. this wade heath teapot is made from early art deco style design and is equipped with a flower garden tea pot. It is great for either using at an event or as a gift.