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Wm Rogers Teapot 800

This wm rogers 8x800 silver plate coffee teapot is brand new and has the original package and box. It is teapot 800 years old, so it's in excellent condition. The lid is hinged so that the coffee can be served hot or cold, and the coffee carafe is still types. This teapot is a great deal at $5,

Wm Rogers Teapot

I'm a coffee lover and teapot lover too! I know both of them to be absolutely amazing and deserve all the dysfunction they have in life. Both of them make my day by bringing excitement and convenience to my coffee needs.

Wm Rogers 800 Silver Teapot Value

This wm rogers 8 oz silver teapot is example of a vtg silver plated wm rogers 800 marked footed teapot. The coffee pot set from 1940s eagle design features a single, single cup per teapot. The footer reads "this product is for the wm rogers 800 silver teapot. " the teapot ismarked with theacist "wm rogers" and the date of 1940. The wafer like surface finish and original green color arearthy. The teapot is currently on display in this set of 40 cups. the wm rogers 800teapot has an international silverplate hinging design and a teapot with a black or dark brown patina. The handle is customized with a stainless steel after touch treatment, while the lid is customize with a white enamel buttons. The teapot is refill with fresh coffee. this 8 cup vintage wm rogers 800 silver plate footed coffee teapot has an open lid and is hinged lid. The coffee is still living and is fresh. The spout is clean and the tea is hot. The teapot is in great condition with no cracks, chips, or any other issues. This is a great purchase for any coffee lover! this vintage wm rogers 800 silverplated footed teapot hinged lid 9. 5 is a great addition to any home kitchen. The lid is made of silver plated glass and has a green enameled rogers name on the top. This teapot has a bit of wear and is about 9. 5" in height. The body is in great condition with no repairs or problems. The lid is open and has some spills. They are a great value for the price you pay.