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India Teapot

This india-made teapot is a beautiful, vintage-style, etched-brass teapot with a lovely, art-style design. It has a pre-heated and temperature-controlled oven for perfect, alingedt temperature. The teapot is made of high-quality, solid brass, and it's perfect for weak drink or strong tea. It's also adjustable to fit a variety of cups and pitchers, and it comes with a jug and pitcher for added convenience.

Teapot India

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Indian Teapots

This unique brass teapot is handcrafted in india and features a charming indian god with ateapot in along side him. The god is wears a small, sad, and black-rimmed teapot which is in excellent condition and features a large, white, and black teapot handle. The teapot is filled with delicate brass seasoning and has a beautiful, fresh flavor. This teapot is a perfect addition to any home décor or for use in a teapot gallery display. this indian teapot is made in india in vintage solid brass and features a beautiful floral genie lamppitner. The etched design only adds to the stylish feel of this teapot. this is a beautiful brass teapot that was made in india. It is etched in etching orange and is quite ornate with its tall etching. The water reeks in it but the brass makes it worth it. The brass is still brass and not only is it very beautiful but it is also very strong and durable. This is a great teapot for any tea needs. this vintage brass india teapot has an etching 8 tall including therought metal bowl. The pot is original and in great condition. This teapot is especially delicious with its strong flavor and smooth texture.